Essential nutrients for stronger hair roots

Nutrients for hair health

A balanced nutritional plan is necessary for all your body functions, and hair growth does not make an exception from this rule. You have follicles located in different areas of your skin, and some of the most important of them are on your eyelids. These tiny cells are responsible for the proper development of your eyelashes. Clinical studies show that if you fail to nourish them correctly, your lashes will grow thin, discolored and they will easily break and fall off.

Numerous nutrients play a crucial role in the development of eyelashes from stronger roots. You can find decent quantities of them in everyday foods, but for a more nourishing effect, you will have to turn to nutritional supplements. Here are the ingredients that you need to consider for proper lash growth:

Vitamin B5

Also known as Pantothenic Acid, this compound improves the condition of your lashes by providing them with constant moisture. A high level of hydration keeps them from breaking off quickly and fortifies the roots from where they grow.

You can take your daily dose of vitamin B5 from food sources like salmon, avocados, and corn. However, if you want to boost eyelash growth from stable, reliable roots, you will need to use Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. This entirely natural treatment promotes and sustains rapid lash growth and a gradual fortification of your eyelid follicles. You get the original product from here: http://www.nuvianteeyelashenhancer.co.za

Kelp extract

Kelp is one of the most productive sources of nutrients found in nature. This plant is rich in zinc, iron, potassium, and copper among other minerals. It is also an essential provider of vitamins A, E, C and D. Regular use nourishes every cell in your body with vital compounds and pushes your eyelid follicles to grow stronger and denser lashes.

Since kelp extract is extremely concentrated and you cannot just add it to your daily meals, you will have to take it from another source. Your best choice comes from a revolutionary eyelash growth treatment called Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. This remedy for short and stubby lashes uses a series of nutritional supplements along with eyeliner to ensure that your eyelashes grow long, thick and healthy. Regular use for a prolonged period provides that the hairs on your eyelids develop from strong and sustainable roots.

Vitamin B8

Also known as Inositol, this compound is one of the most crucial components of the vitamin B complex. Its leading role is to fortify the roots of your eyelashes and sustain their rapid, healthy development. It also helps them retain more water, which in turn gives them a natural, radiant glow.

You can get your healthy dose of Inositol from Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. Its Advanced Hair Growth Formula nourishes the hairs on your eyelids from the first day of growth. Regular use ensures that they develop into long, dense lashes that have a minimum risk of breakage. Furthermore, long-term treatment keeps the follicles alive and producing new lashes at an optimal rate.

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