Means to preserve natural environment

The development of an efficient and sustainable farming, a healthy population and the preservation of the foundations of life, demand to favor an agriculture scheme that involves eco-friendly techniques. In this way it will be possible to contribute to the preservation of the environment and the production of premium natural resources like those combined in the supplement VigRX Plus.

An efficient scheme that helps to produce sufficient quantities of healthy food

Means to preserve natural environment involve resorting to organic farming schemes which seek the permanent recovery of the organic resources for the benefit of humanity. These approaches include the use of soil and water protection and conservation methods that combat erosion, compaction, salinization and other forms of degradation.


Organic agriculture is oriented to produce healthy food of the highest quality which is included in organic products like VigRX Plus that adequately nourish the body. These edible resources are produced in optimum proportions through techniques that use nature as a model.

An approach oriented to preserve natural environment

Natural environment is highly benefited by organic agriculture as it is oriented to:
Support a clean and balanced environment
Enhance the productive capacity and natural fertility of soils
Optimize the recycling of nutrients
Carry out natural control of pests and diseases

Organic agriculture techniques that are properly managed reduce or eliminate water pollution allowing the conservation of this resource on farms. On the other hand, the use of crop rotation, organic manure and mulching improves soil structure. In this way, these practices stimulate the proliferation of a vigorous population of microorganisms.

Organic mixed farming ensures a continuous coverage of the soil. Therefore it is exposed during a shorter period to the erosive force of rain, wind and sun. Farmers that resort to this cultivation approach preserve the environment by avoiding the use artificial pesticides that not only pollute the ecosystem but also produce several diseases.

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